Andrew Gonoude Releases Third Single 'The Highest Praise'

Feb 08 2023

Andrew Gonoude, an English Christian artist, songwriter and worship leader from West Sussex UK, who has been singing and playing guitar for 35 years, has released his new single 'The Highest Praise'.

Andrew has served with many churches and music teams in the UK, USA, India, Ireland, Russia and Switzerland. Andrew’s music can be found on all streaming and download sites and he can also be followed on all the major social media platforms. He is currently working on a new EP 'Audience Of One' and is releasing music from the EP every month. In December 2022, he released the 1st song, Tears For The Lost. The 2nd song from the EP, Everything Is Beautiful, followed in January. The 1st February sees the release of his 3rd song; The Highest Praise.

The Highest Praise is a song that glorifies God for his miracle-working power, displayed first at creation and again at the cross. In both the Old and the New Testaments, God used his words and his hands to create the heavens, the earth, Man and Woman. He then used his words and hands once more to redeem us at Calvary, declaring aloud: ‘’IT IS FINISHED!"

The song begins by celebrating the creation account in Genesis and the fantastic variety seen in the cosmos, the oceans, land and skies. It then likens the Cross to the same miracle-working power - the Father’s words and actions, all working in harmony and once again displaying his power. Co-produced by Andrew Gonoude and Canadian Producer Matt Macleod, the song is suitable for formal Sunday worship as well as small group meetings and personal devotion.

On the song, Andrew sings and plays guitars, his wife Karen sings and plays piano. Matt plays Drums and Percussion, as well as doing the final mixing and mastering in his studio. "With your hands you made the heavens and the universe By your hands you formed our very bodies from the earth Then your hands surrendered wide and opened on a cross With your hands you reconciled all that we had lost..."

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