Jamie Pritchard Releases 1st Single 'Alabaster Jar' Ahead of EP 'Tapestry'

Feb 07 2023

Jamie Pritchard has released a new single, ‘Alabaster Jar’, the first of four singles before the six track EP ‘Tapestry’ is released on the 12th of May, pre-save here.

Following on from his debut EP ‘Father: Songs of Intimacy’, with tracks such as ‘Still Place’ and ‘Heaven is Holding Me’ featuring on Spotify’s New Music Friday Christian, and receiving radio play on UCB2. Jamie has followed up with a 6 track EP, starting off with the joyful song ‘Alabaster Jar’, written as a response to the scandalous love of God to us, and a reflection on the truth, that the little we have to offer, our Alabaster Jars, when given back to God in worship, blesses the heart of the creator of the universe!

‘This project feels authentically like me, bringing my little offering to the Lord. True to what inspires me sonically, being influenced by great songwriters like Bruce Springsteen, Foy Vance and Chris Renzema, and written in response to real situations in my life and real prayers that I pray.’ - Jamie Pritchard

Jamie has spent the past few years digging into his craft as a songwriter, writing song after song and it’s out of this season that the six tracks making up the EP ‘Tapestry’ come. With the writing of this project strengthened by his co-writers in Nathan Jess, Jacob Riddall, Jono Peatman and Jamie’s wife Beth Pritchard.

This first single 'Alabaster Jar' sits in a place between country and folk/rock and is full of instrumentation that contributes to the rootsy style. Featuring soaring pedal steel from Nate Dugger (of Drew Holcomb & The Neighbours), with bluesy electric guitars from Nate Gardiner (Nathan Jess, Lea McFall), and mandolin and organ from the producer (Grammy nominated) Nathan Jess.

‘From the first time Jamie played me this song I have always been struck by the fact that this song takes what is often a deep and emotive subject - the sacrifice of pouring our everything out for God - and displays it in such an upbeat and joy filled song. We know too well the sacrifices of this life are often difficult but this song manages to also speak so well to the joy that exists in living a life of devotion to Jesus.’ - Nathan Jess, producer

‘It is my prayer that this song helps to draw us closer to the God who loves you and reminds us of the joy it is to give our all, everything we’ve got to that same God.’ - Jamie Pritchard

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