Bubba Chambers Releases 'Nothin' but Time' Ft. Tammy Ware

Feb 03 2023

Singer/songwriter/recording artist Bubba Chambers has recently released his single 'Nothin' But Time', a duet with Tammy Ware, available via all major streaming services.

As a young boy, Bubba found himself immersed in the rough and tumble of Houston-area roadhouses where he stood on a table and sang rockabilly songs with an imaginary guitar (for tips and the the amusement of his father’s friends). It was the inauspicious start of what would become a lifelong passion. Though he grew to hate these childhood gigs, he was irresistibly drawn to music, performing at every opportunity in both school choral groups and bands he formed with friends in high school.

Bubba accepted Christ in June of 1969. He never looked back. He continued to make music through a series of bands - The Blessed Hope, The Hope of Glory and eventually, The Hope. Bubba and his bandmates got their start in the early 1970s, performing with gospel music icons Andrae Crouch and others. With a mission that involved both preaching and singing, they traveled around the country spreading the gospel through what was then known simply as Jesus Music. They released six full-length albums before retiring from the road in the mid-80s.

He released his first solo album, The Man I Should Be, in 2021. Bubba and his wife Susan share their Manvel, Texas farmhouse with two noble rescue dogs and a pair of irresistible barn cats.

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