Blog: LTTM Album Awards 2022 - No. 8: Aaron Partridge - Watching the Whole Town Burn

Jan 27 2023

Voted in at Number 8 in the LTTM Album Awards 2022 is 'Watching the Whole Town Burn' from Aaron Partridge.

Title:Watching the Whole Town Burn
Artist:Aaron Partridge
Released:17 Jun 2022
"Watching The Whole Town Burn", the latest single by singer songwriter Aaron Partridge is inspired by events surrounding the devastation of the 2019 bushfires that almost wiped out the entire coastal town of Mallacoota. Vision of the idyllic holiday destination engulfed in flames that blocked...
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Track Listing:
1. Watching The Whole Town Burn
2. Broken Man
3. Risen
4. What's In Your Hand
5. When Babylon Falls

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