Nash Revival Releases 'My Name Is Lazarus'

Jan 25 2023

NASH REVIVAL consists of lyricist Matt Soileau and vocalist/composer Brandon Chase. Brandon has received radio play recently with the group I Am They.

My Name Is Lazarus is a song about the everyday resurrections we experience. We are all Lazarus because God raises us each day and we would not breathe one breath without his continual sustenance. ("Everyday I rise new all because of you.") When we think we are defeated in the face of life's trials He comes in and raises us up with His love. "It was your love that raised me up." Starting songwriting late in life was a resurrection for Matt. Matt fully believes God put writing in his life. This song was a "co-winner" of a Nashville song contest judged by CURB Records (Ciara Shortridge) along with the song So Help Me God.

Matt grew up in small town Louisiana but has lived in Spring, Texas the last 15 years. Brandon lives outside of Nashville but is from Fort Worth originally. Matt started writing in his 40s due to an encounter with one of his PT patients whose son won the CMT/Nashville Songwriter's Assoc. Intl. contest. He and Brandon won that same contest 5 years later with their song "I Do." Along with this contest and the above mentioned CURB judged one they have received many other accolades.

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