Lauren Lovett Releases 'God Reigns Over Everything'

Jan 17 2023

Lauren Lovett has released her single 'God Reigns Over Everything', available now on all streaming platforms.

"I began writing 5 years ago unexpectedly out of prayers for my own healing", Lauren explains. "I'm now recording to encourage and uplift people; and, have my sophomore recording in 'God Reigns Over Everything'".

"The story of this song is to let you know, as the listener, that whatever lies ahead, God has you covered, as a Believer in Christ. Even in your darkest of days, there will be light again. Hold on to your faith through the hard days the hard months and even hard years when life is so challenging. God will never let you go; and, things will get better. God truly does reign over everything under the sun.

I recorded "God Reigns Over Everything" in 2022 at The Recording Conservatory of Austin with amazing session musicians and audio engineer. This song shares some similarities to my debut recording, "Run and Tell the World" featuring upbeat Christian rock and soul musical influences with my unique Contralto vocals. I invite you to follow along my writing and singing journey as I create inspirational music from Austin TX, influenced by my gospel upbringing in my hometown, Atlanta GA."

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