7 Hills Worship Releases 'With Everything I Am'

Jan 13 2023

7 Hills Worship announces the release of their newest single, 'With Everything I Am,' written by Kaelob Mecum, Jess Cates and Jordan Mohilowski, also produced by Colton Price.

7 Hills Worship, is the worship team and band of 7 Hills Church in the Cincinnati area. Their goal is to bring a sound to the worship scape that advocates for the hearts of all who love Jesus. Honest and vulnerable lyrics that won’t hide from the realities of our walk with Christ, but rather encourage the conversation. They want to release heartbreaking love songs but also songs of joy that challenge and push our faith. They want to release songs that are corporate but also songs that are just for your quiet time. 7 Hills Worship wants to be a resource of music for all ages, spiritual maturities, and walks of life.

'With Everything I Am' is a song that reflects on the great faith that we have read about in the Bible and seen in our lives and aligning our response to these great acts. We don’t want to be complacent. We don’t want to be lukewarm in our faith. If Kings of old have danced before the lord… Why can’t we?

Kaelob Mecum, a writer on the song and worship leader for 7 Hills Worship, said, “I don’t think there is a way you listen to this song and don’t get stirred up. Every lyric is an in-your-face challenge. The example has been established. We know how the heroes we look to have responded, and we have an obligation to carry that flame into a new age of believers, with the same convictions as those that came before us.”

7 Hills Worship believes that there is a challenge set out in 'With Everything I Am'. The first lyric written by Jess, Jordan and Kaelob was “Why Can’t I?”. That evolved into more and more challenges from the scriptures. “If a shout of praise can break down walls, tell me why can’t I? If a sound of faith can bring the rain, why can’t mine?”

We as followers of Jesus need to believe that our praise matters! Our faith matters! If we believe that anything is possible through our belief in Him then we have the obligation to cry out and bring down walls in his name.

7 Hills Worship hopes people can worship to this song - and through this song we will see people respond to the challenge. Raising their hands, lifting their voice and crying to God in worship!

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