George Harrison's Former Drummer Judges Firstfruits Music Awards Contestants

Nov 21 2022

Firstfruits Music Awards was established to promote aspiring Christian artists who produce songs true to God’s Word and Biblical values. It was a response to the subtle war being waged against the Christian music genre, where worldly influences are increasingly impacting lyrical content.

This annual event is supported by an elite panel of highly regarded music professionals whose roots are from the USA, UK, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. This is what some of the judges say about this event.

“I choose to be a judge because I like the challenge of matching Christian music with lyrical content that finds a place in the Word of God. I perceive the benefits for participants would be more than a competition, as you’ll be making a difference to those who hear your music. Careful attention, rewards and support with be given to you by Firstfruits Music Awards.” Alvin Taylor, Capitol Records Producer & Ordained Minister.

“The music landscape has never been more vibrant and therefore initiatives such as the Firstfruits Music Awards are a vital opportunity for talented artists to achieve valuable exposure at a time when they need it the most.” Dave Thompson, Senior A&R Executive & founding Judge for TV talent show South African Idols.

Unlike some other well known events, membership or nomination is not required to participate in these awards, and as such, is open to all independent Christian artists including those new to the sector, or those with unreleased material. The only stipulations are that songs must be original and the lyrical content accurately reflects the Word of God. This platform will greatly enhance an artist’s reputation and through the public voting stage will assist artists to become known across the global stage, gaining new fans and followers. Submissions are welcome from all countries and the event accepts lyrics in any language.

Firstfruits Music Awards is the world’s premier Christian music awards and the winner’s Grand Prize of £25,000 in cash and prestigious trophy is the highest value prize and honour available to emerging and undiscovered Christian artists. The strict limit placed on the total number of song submissions permissible in the competition means that all who enter will have a realistic chance of winning a cash prize.

“There are two types of equally talented artists. One struggling to make ends meet and the other in the limelight. The difference is being known!” Nigel Swaby, President, Firstfruits Music Awards.

Visit: (meet the event judges)

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