Worship Collective Anthem Worship Releasing Second Studio EP 'Human'

Oct 26 2022

'Human' is the second studio EP from the Loma Linda-based worship collective, Anthem Worship.

“We named this EP Human because we wanted to really explore the fact that God exists in our world - in our experience,” says Anthem pastor and band leader Josh Jamieson. “God was not only here 2000 years ago, but he remains in everything we’re going through today.”

The name Human not only applies to God incarnate, but it also speaks to what it means to live on this earth in 2022. While many CCM and worship songs can be vague about life’s struggles, Human gets real and specific. The songs on this EP tackle death, the pandemic, war, doubt, unbelief, and what happens when the church hurts people.

The first single from the EP was Here to Stay, released first as an acoustic track in March of 2022, before the full studio single was released in July. It is now going for adds on radio and curator playlists.
About Anthem Worship

Anthem Worship is a worship collective based out of Anthem x LLUC, on the campus of Loma Linda University in California. Anthem exists to grow disciples and inspire people to truly believe in the love and grace of Christ.

After a year of online services and posting music video covers to YouTube - including a cover of My Testimony that was reposted by the official Elevation Worship team - Anthem Worship released their debut EP, Universal Hearts in July of 2021. The EP not only features the popular cover, but also five original songs that are sung at the weekly gatherings including You Are Strong, Universal Hearts, and Church Song. Later that year, Universal Hearts (Live) was recorded live at the release concert for the studio EP.

The group is set to release their second studio EP, Human, on November 11, 2022.

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