International Worship Singer/Songwriter Danny Plett Releases New Single 'Losing Myself In You'

Sep 20 2022

Canada-based worship artist Danny Plett releases his new single 'Losing Myself In You' on September 23rd. The up-beat, infectious song celebrates something very few would think worthy of celebrating - being lost. Lost in God’s vastness and expanse, yet simultaneously being found and known by Him intimately and personally.

"l have found the Father’s heart to be eternally loving. His character is one that embraces and accepts. He sees who we are, yet He delights to call us - each and every broken one of us - His precious child", explains Danny.

Danny has had a winding and varied musical journey. From his Techno/Dance Floor days, heading the German-speaking world’s favourite gospel dance band, One Accord, to the dozens of bible verse memory songs he’s written for children, and as the much-loved worship leader at many Willow Creek Conferences. His songs are sung and enjoyed by thousands.

“The quality of Danny Plett’s song writing is outstanding: the melodies are strong, the arrangements pensive, the lyrics profound. ‘This Side Of Heaven’ being an example of the craft of song writing at its finest.” CrossRhythms - Stoke on Trent, England.

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