Elijah Waters Releases End of Summer Anthem 'You're Good To Me'

Sep 16 2022

Once his first-ever single hit the scene (Only You) Elijah Waters set his sights on the next single. With a vision to do something different, 'You're Good To Me' is an anthem that will give you all the good summer vibes you’ll ever need.

Teaming up once again with producer Sam Alvarez, this song makes you want to roll down your windows and chase the sunset. When asked about his heart behind the message of this song, Waters said this. “So many people think you have to do good to get good from God; that you have to work really hard to behave and perform well for God and then you get His blessings. This just isn’t true according to scripture. Jesus came for the sinner, the broken, the weak, the flawed, for all of us and wants to show us His goodness and kindness not based on our performance, but based on His work at the cross.”

“My hope is that people take away an understanding of a GOOD GOD. Even though bad things happen, even though life is difficult, God is there with all His goodness and we can talk to Him about it in our lowest of moments.”

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