Emma Grant Releases 'Friend In the Fire' EP

Sep 01 2022

Emma Grant has released her new EP 'Friend In the Fire', available now on all streaming platforms. 'Friend in the Fire' is a collection of songs written around the theme of God being with us in our most difficult moments; our times when everything around us feels confusing; our suffering; our healing and our death. It speaks of a God who is trustworthy and all powerful, as well as being as close to us as a friend.

"My personal experience of God has been in all of these ways", explains Emma. "Many times in my life I have sensed God’s whisper, “keep your eyes on Me”, which I have found to be such a comfort in overwhelming situations. The confusion of lock-down and vaccines led me to write ‘No Fear’, because the promise that He is always with us and that we therefore need not be afraid, is something that I personally had to decide to hold on to.

During the first lock-down, I slipped a disc in my back and ended up not being seen by a doctor for ten months, spending some of that time in a wheelchair…with three young children at home because the schools were closed! This experience birthed the song ‘Companion in Sorrow’, which was a side of God that was revealed throughout that time. He was my companion; my friend in the fire, during those long months of pain and isolation. The theme of Coming Home is something I hold on to as I walk through life, reminding me of what is important. It can be so easy to focus on the here and now, but I think God calls us to look beyond that, to a wonderful future with Him.

My hope is that people find assurance, comfort, boldness and hope for the future within the lyrics of these songs."

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