Matt Sassano Releasing New EP 'In Defiance'

Aug 30 2022

Rock vocalist Matt Sassano is sharing his raw and intricately heavy EP In Defiance, which includes the urgent single 'Not My Name,' on August 26.

Matt’s road to a solo career encompasses the theme of overcoming obstacles. His pounding, synth-laden 5-track EP In Defiance serves as a love letter to underdogs everywhere - who, like the artist, may have had to navigate chronic illness (Cerebral Palsy and the rare learning disability Dyscalculia) and beyond.

With his heavy rock sensibilities, EDM undertones, and years of experience, it’s no surprise Matt is a beloved artist gracing the top of the Christian Rock radio charts. With In Defiance, the pulsing guitar melodies, deeply personal lyrics, and catchy rhythms are sure to capture your mind and heart no matter your religious background.

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