Corban Erbele Set to Release Inspirational Single to Encourage Listeners in the Midst of Pain

Jul 25 2022

Small-town worship pastor Corban Erbele will soon release, 'Death to Life,' an inspirational Christian single that points listeners to the Gospel in the midst of pain they may be experiencing.

Written in a time where Erbele was at his lowest from a messy breakup, “Death to Life” was inspired by the contrast between pain and peace and rooted in scripture from Ephesians 2:1-10.

“Looking back on a relationship that caused the pain I was experiencing, the experience brought me to a place where my relationship with Christ grew,” Erbele said. “While crying out to God, it was clear that I had placed [my ex-girlfriend] over the Lord in my life. After realizing this, I found so much peace in the fact that the Lord is the one who is constant and won't be the one who betrays. He is the one who loves unconditionally.”

With vulnerable, relatable lyrics sung to God, the song is even more special to the artist because the instrumentation was written alongside his brother, Cameron Adam Erbele.

When I’m with you I feel so alive
You had brought me back from death to life
I don’t need nothing but your light

Erbele chose to share “Death to Life” with listeners even before it was a demo, knowing that it could serve as a helpful and encouraging reminder that God is the one who gives life.

“Whatever suffering or season that we find ourselves in- the Lord is still good,” said Erbele. “In whatever pain we may feel in this life, we can still see the goodness of God in the midst of it all.”

The artist hopes the single helps listeners to know that if/when they take their eyes off the Lord and find themselves in a place of pain, the Lord is not there to belittle that pain, rather He is waiting with open arms. He wants to encourage listeners by reminding them that joy and peace come with the presence of Christ.

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