Broadhead Music Group Announces Signing of Red Letter Rising, Release of Single/Video 'Identity: Christ Is'

Jun 24 2022

Broadhead Music Group announces the signing of Christian Hard Rock band Red Letter Rising and the release of their new single and video 'Identity: Christ Is', available now on all music platforms. Their debut album 'Echoes of Eden' will be released later this year.

"We have been keeping their signing with BMG a little quiet while working on the new single and video," explains Jeffrey Parr, VP of Broadhead Music Group. "But now we are so excited to finally get to reveal all the hard work that David and the band have been putting into this project!! So proud of these guys!!"

Red Letter Rising was born January 2021 when David Bean decided it was time to record his first album. After 25 years of playing guitar, drums, and bass in various bands, and not having even one decent recording, he reached out to Dylan McLain (Relentless Flood) at Evolve Studios in Statesville, NC, and they started recording. With David’s creative writing, and Dylan producing, they brought to life a mix of 90’s grunge, early 00’s nu-metal, and some of today’s style of hard rock/metal meets rap core. Little did David know that God had bigger plans for his music.

In January of 2022, RLR signed with Broadhead Music Group, and what seemed to be just an album, turned into a lifelong dream come true. Then in February, David brought on Luke DeMoss on guitar and Dave Rourke on Drums.

The single's title, 'Identity: Christ Is', is a play on words. Taking the term, "Identity Crisis", and putting an emphasis on how our Identity should be found in Christ. The world view is confusing when it comes to our identity. And everyone is seeking their identity in something. Usually, in what the world says. So, it’s no wonder we struggle with things like anxiety, depression, addiction etc. But, when we seek God’s purpose for our lives, and are being conformed to the image of His Son, Jesus Christ, we know that Christ IS our identity.

"I actually had most of the lyrics already written as a poem from a time I was battling depression, and severe panic attacks", David Bean explains. "It was a dark time in my life, so if the lyrics seem a little harsh, that’s why. God used my poems/writings and music as a way to help me get through that dark time. I’m thankful to be able to use them as a testimony of His faithfulness and comfort. Hopefully, this song will be helpful for others who are struggling with something in their life."

"Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed. Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked." - Psalms‬ ‭82:3-4‬ ‭NIV‬‬

"I used to be a bully. I used to be arrogant and selfish", Beans admits. "I would manipulate people to get what I wanted. I had one emotion; anger. It made me feel like I was in control because I didn’t want to be a victim. I didn’t want anyone to have control over me. But I really had no control.

In November of 2016 I lost everything. I was incarcerated, lost my my family, and friends. But, it’s what it took for me to finally be humbled. And that’s when I fell in love with Jesus!

'Red Letter Rising' is my way of helping those that are the victim of people like who I used to be. 'Red Letter', refers to the teachings of Jesus; Love and serve your neighbors. And 'Rising' represents the change from being darkness, to a child of light. We can rise together.

As the scripture says in the opening of this, I want to use this platform to speak out against injustice, bullying, human trafficking, self-harm, and domestic violence. And to help others recognize their value.

God created us all on purpose, and for a purpose. No one should be made to feel less than anyone else. No one should have to be a victim of anyone. Everyone is valuable, and everyone should be loved.

I’ve done my damage. And now I’m living my purpose. Red Letter Rising", he adds.

Expect to see Red Letter Rising performing live and the release of 'Echoes of Eden' in 2022!

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