Artist Will Hickl Uses Modern Sounds to Draw Listeners to Christ In His New Faith-Driven Pandemic Reflection

Jun 22 2022

Using unique modern sounds to spark listener interest, grassroots producer and inspirational artist Will Hickl is set to release "You Shine," a faith-driven single that reflects on God’s sovereignty throughout the COVID-19 pandemic on June 17, 2022.

Inspired by Psalm 67:1 and Psalm 80:3, "You Shine" is a prayer of surrender and trust. The bridge is an expression of hope in God's promises, declaring that the artist and listeners alike can in fact see His breakthrough and His unstoppable love and that He can do the impossible.

"I am currently enamored with modern pop production practices and intentionally created my own rhythms for this single from scratch," said Hickl. "I hope listeners encounter Christ through the truths ‘You Shine’ proclaims using the sounds and instruments I am passionate about."
Coupled with distinctive sonic characteristics like unique synth patches and a custom 808-style drum kit, the single’s lyrics cause listeners to pause and think:

You are the light in the darkness
You are the God of Your promise
Oh You shine
You shine
You make a way through the trials
You give us hope for tomorrow
Oh You shine
You shine

Because of its fresh take on worship music, the song continually strikes a chord with youth and young adults during live performances.

With hopes to inspire a new movement of how worship is written, performed, and produced - or at the very least, show artists it's okay to make music that stands out, Hickl wrote "You Shine" to point to the ever-ancient and ever-new expansiveness of the Church and invite listeners to explore the ever-new side.

"I genuinely just want people to experience the Lord's provision," Hickl said. "I desire that these words can become a prayer of surrender and trust, and serve as a soundtrack for any listener's discovery of God's faithfulness."

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