Mission House Introduce New Album 'Live From Raleigh'

May 29 2022

North-Carolina's folk worship delta Mission House release new album 'Live From Raleigh' recorded in a room full of their friends. Made up of songwriters Jess Ray and Taylor Leonhardt - the only female duo in worship - Mission House introduce new songs as well as older tunes taken to new heights through the live context of this project.

The band was formed three years ago, and with the last two years in a global pandemic, it’s been a very interesting context in which to start! Jess shares, “We knew from the outset that the purpose of this band was to write “songs to sing together” which was a challenging vision to uphold in a season that required a lot of caution and caused a lot of isolation.” This makes ‘Live From Raleigh’ very special. It’s the sound of Mission House hitting the restart button as a band; of them finally getting to call their community together again to sing and shout and worship as a family, face to face.

The new project was recorded in Taylor’s home church and features 10 of Mission House’s best songs played by a fantastic band and backed by 200-person-strong gang vocals from family and friends in attendance. ‘Live From Raleigh’ is a snapshot of the duo’s community, where these songs were crafted and sung years before Mission House had a name. “We’re thrilled to share this story with the world, inviting others into it and inspiring them to write their own version of the story,” Jess concludes. ‘Live From Raleigh’ makes a statement that though the recent years have been heavy and lonely, we were made for God and for one another. Hope and Joy will have the last word.

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