Ruth A Harris Releases New Song 'Tell Me'

May 24 2022

Ruth A Harris is a musician & songwriter from Birmingham, UK who writes from the heart. Returning to music after a long time away, she released her debut single in May 2021, and her second in October 2021.

Through everything she writes, Ruth aims to give voice to thoughts feelings, ideas, that are not generally being written about, and to articulate the things that people will identify with. Her songs often reflect the tension between difficult times and living hopefully, and often contain more questions than answers. Having acquired knowledge and skill in music production as a self producer, her aim is for each production to be better than the last.

"Tell Me" is Ruth's first release of 2022. Reflective and etherial in sound, the song surprises the listener by taking them on an unexpected sonic journey. Within it, she reflects on the tension between her faith in God and the realities of life. Within the song Ruth skillfully weaves thoughts about the universe, a loving, all knowing God and poverty, pain, sickness and injustice together.

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