Davy Flowers Offers Deeply Personal 'I Was Loved'

May 08 2022

I Was Loved,” the highly anticipated debut single from Dallas-based singer/songwriter and worship leader Davy Flowers, is now available. A poignant and deeply personal piano-driven ballad penned by Flowers and produced by Shane Barnard (Shane & Shane), the song is the title-cut of Flowers’ June 3 full-length debut from The Worship Initiative.

“'I Was Loved’ is so special to me because it is my testimony put to lyrics and melody,” Flowers shares. “It is the simplest articulation of who Jesus has been for me in the years I have walked with Him. One truth that cannot be denied, when I look back through the seasons of God's faithfulness in my life, is that His extravagant love has been persistent and sufficient in and through all things. That's the banner I want to wave for all my days!”

“During the first few months of the pandemic lockdown I was fighting to cling to all the things that remain true about who God is in the face of trials and life's unknowns,” she adds of the song’s inspiration. “As I took stock of my own heart and history with Jesus, I found significant peace in the reminder that His love is overwhelming, and it holds real power to anchor my heart through whatever is coming.”

“Davy has been ministering to my family and me through her songs and her life for over a decade,” Barnard shares. “It’s a privilege to work with her to create songs that will-by God's grace-do for others what they have done for us. I resonate deeply with Davy’s immense love for Jesus. She helps me believe that ‘the earth has nothing I desire but Him.’”

Reflecting Flowers’ own story of redemption and celebrating God’s faithfulness to all His children, “I Was Loved” is a thematic preview of the album. Produced by Barnard and Bryan Fowler and featuring 12 tracks-11 of which were co-penned by Flowers-I Was Loved includes songwriting contributions from such names as Mia Fieldes, Sarah Reeves and Lindy Conant, among others. The album's second single, “Oh But God,” is set to bow May 20. A jubilant anthem of praise for His grace, the song proclaims the reassuring promise: “Rich in mercy/how You love me/too much to let me stay lost.”

“God's affection and His commitment to His children doesn't change with the seasons; it doesn't rise and fall with the circumstances of our lives; and Christ has been sufficient and will be sufficient to satisfy every fundamental longing of our souls for all of eternity,” Flowers adds of the pervading message of the forthcoming album. “If you can't look back on your life and make sense of anything at all, the consistent thread that holds it all together is that YOU HAVE BEEN LOVED.”

Flowers is slated to join Housefires this summer for the 37-city Kingdom Tour. Headlined by GRAMMY-winning collective Maverick City Music and 16-time GRAMMY® Award-winner Kirk Franklin, the Kingdom Tour will feature special guests Jonathan McReynolds and Housefires.

Born and raised in Houston, Davy Flowers currently serves as a resident artist at The Worship Initiative in Dallas, as well as a worship leader at Dallas’ Watermark Community Church. Her music reflects a story of healing and triumph in Jesus, and her passion is to connect broken and weary hearts with the power, presence and love of God through her songs and worship leading.

Founded by Shane & Shane’s Shane Barnard and Shane Everett-leading influencers of corporate worship around the world for nearly two decades-The Worship Initiative is an equipping ministry which features a library of hundreds of popular worship songs; team training materials; instrument tutorials; and song-based devotionals, among other offerings. The Dallas-based organization has released more than 30 albums to date, and its unique community of artists, songwriters and theologians seeks to be a catalyst for musical and spiritual growth in the Church.

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