DOC Kno & Prizm Collaborate For 'The Promised Land'

May 19 2022

D.O.C. Kno & Prizm, of G Force Music, collaborated to released their 4th joint project, "The Promised Land". These two gospel rap ministers, have been pioneers in the Holy Hip Hop genre and are highly regarded in the industry and in their hometown of Baton Rouge.

Larkin D.O.C Weber Sr is an American Christian rapper, singer, songwriter, record and film producer, minister, Relationship Therapist, and entrepreneur. It won't take you long to figure out why "D.O.C. (Disciple Of Christ) has been often referred to as the "Christian Dr. Dre."

With D.O.C. being a skillful rapper, producer and engineer the comparisons rightfully fits him. D.O.C. started his journey into the world of music back in 1985 on his high school campus. After rocking pep-rallies and talent shows, D.O.C. soon discovered his hidden passion for music. With this newly discovered passion, D.O.C. opened up a home studio and began recording for many local groups. His name quickly started spreading through the rap community and artists abroad, even those signed with prominent labels began to seek D.O.C. for production services.

Ron "Prizm" Williams, originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is a gospel rapper, songwriter, pastor, film producer, entrepreneur, and author. He is the co-founder of G Force Music and is widely known as one of the pioneers of gospel rap music in the south.

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