Indie Christian Artist Spencer Annis Releases 'Coming Clean'

Apr 19 2022

Spencer Annis is a rising singer-songwriter based in Lynchburg, Virginia. His new single, Coming Clean, is an intimate worship song and spirited indie rock anthem that pushes the sonic boundaries of both worship music and Christian pop/rock.

After independently releasing singles, EPs, and even several albums since 2017, Spencer partnered with renowned CCM label Integrity Music for his upcoming singles and LP release. His new song, 'Coming Clean,' was released on April 8th, and the full album will be released in July of this year.

The new single by Spencer Annis, Coming Clean is a song of reflection and repentance for allowing pride to creep in. He hopes the song will inspire listeners to a deeper place with God in their own prayer lives and reflection of how pride might also be affecting their ministry.

Recording sessions for this song and the upcoming album mirrored what you’d expect from a typical DIY-era rock band. Vocals were tracked in Spencer’s home studio, Drums in co-producer Joshua Sosin’s backyard shed, and guitars in co-producer Benja Schick’s bedroom.

Coming Clean features Spencer, Benja, and Joshua as the sole musicians. The trio worked together for months to transform Spencer’s intimate, worshipful arrangement into a fully-produced new song with cohesive instrumentation and flow. Along the way, they drew inspiration from a wide array of artists, including Maggie Rogers, Kevin Garrett, Ben Howard, and Typhoon, along with indie artists in the alt-Christian sphere like John Mark McMillan, Jon Foreman, Josh Garrels, and more.

2021 was the first year Spencer’s independently-released songs reached a cumulative 1,000,000 plays across streaming platforms in a single year. That same year, he released Safe Place, his second full-length album and first collaboration with In the Upper Room co-producer Joshua Sosin.

After the release of Safe Place, Spencer’s songs appeared on several Spotify editorial playlists, including Calming Christian and New Music Friday Christian. Gaining traction independently helped Annis get the attention of Integrity, the Nashville-based label called home by Christian artists like Mark Barlow, Matt Redman, and Leeland.

Spencer is beyond excited to partner with Integrity for his upcoming releases, and he’s been overwhelmed by the support of the indie Christian music community over the last few years. He hopes to continue releasing songs that speak to believers and seekers alike - all while refining his unique take on creative Christian songwriting.

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