Quincy Telus Releases 'Losing My Mind'

Apr 12 2022

Quincy Telus is slowly establishing his name as a singer-songwriter of days to come. With the release of his sixth studio single, 'Losing My Mind', Quincy is doing just that. He's losing his mind. The song has sat with him for a year and a half, and it's ready to come out.

With a small discography covering a wide range of genres, Quincy hasn’t boxed himself into any corners, and is always looking to step out of what is comfortable and safe for him to bring the songs that he hears in his head. At just 20 years old, Quincy isn’t looking to write and release just anything, but is producing songs that tell the story of his life. Songs that people feel and can hold on to.

Often compared to the smooth vocals of Sam Smith and various other artists, Quincy Telus still hasn’t finished showcasing what his vocals can do, and where they can take any listener.

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