Millennial Worship Releases First EP 'The Encounter'

Apr 07 2022

What started as a Word and an idea became a conviction which ultimately has become a reality for this group. Millennial Worship are announcing their arrival with this EP which for many in this walk of faith is so close to home - The Encounter

It might have been one or several, but we can all attest to having an encounter that shaped the rest of our lives. This EP is a testimony of how the hope of a few encountering God can lead many to Him.

An eight-track body of work which includes a spoken word track collaborating with @EmantheMessenger a poet whose works also include an EP and most notable work is being a voice for West Ham football club in the fight against injustice and racism.

3 Songs and a reprise which all testify of the good work of the Lord. ‘Grace’ tells a story inspired by discovery and revelation of the Gospel to Tobi, a Millennial Worship member. Upon this revelation, the discovery of the power of grace; an unmerited favour we can never attain in our own works empowered him to walk in his salvation free from the condemnation of sin. ‘Healer’ is a message of how Timi’s journey to receive healing through faith led to him discovering more about who God is. Whilst ‘Freedom’ is a triumphant declaration of the finished works of Christ.

A through line of the message of The Gospel is echoed in each song and the scripture which ties it all together is found in Acts 2 with the day of Pentecost. The encounter of those who were all with one accord in one place is the reason why you and I and those who will come to the saving knowledge of Christ will be able to do so.

These lyrics of hope are accompanied by the masterful sounds of Tobi Emmanuel-Aina (keys), Fiyin Adeyemo (keys), Dami Adekanmbi (Bass guitar), Timi Adeyemo (Electric guitar) and Ezekiel Quaye (Drums)

A first project for this group and let us sit back and listen with open ears and open hearts to The Encounter!

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