S-Dee Releases 'Beautiful Scar' EP

Apr 06 2022

S-Dee, born Segun Daramola, a Christian pop artist based out of Maryland, U.S.A, has released his 'Beautiful Scar' EP.

With a dedication to music and a passion for creating and experimenting with new sounds, S-Dee is determined to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to listeners everywhere with his exciting and uplifting new take on the gospel music genre!

Born and raised in Nigeria, S-Dee grew up understanding the importance of traditional music and the ways that music brings people closer together. Still, S-Dee also found himself falling in love with the exciting sounds of brave, experimental artists like Boyz II Men, Michael Jackson, Fred Hammond, and Usher. S-Dee admired these artists for their ability to captivate and excite listeners with unique and soulful pop music. At the age of 16, these artists would ignite S-Dee’s passion for music and inspire him to begin experimenting and creating his own new sound by writing songs and leading his local church choir. As he has developed as an artist, S-Dee has proudly learned to blend traditional gospel music with pop music, giving him a distinct sound as a singer-songwriter.

S-Dee’s inspiration is clear within his music. S-Dee’s music stands out to listeners with soulful and exciting new pop sounds that echo smooth harmonies, allowing his powerful vocals and messages of hope and faith to reverberate into a listener’s soul. With a willingness to transcend genres and push his music to the limits of the gospel genre, S-Dee’s music is the perfect blend of passion and creativity.

Despite his naturally gifted talents, S-Dee always remains a humble artist. For S-Dee, music is not about fame or money, but about allowing his voice, and the Christian message to be heard. This is true in each work that S-Dee produces and ensures that his music always remains, fresh, authentic, and grounded.

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