The Isaacs Release New Single 'Humpty Dumpty Heart'

Mar 27 2022

The Isaacs' new single, "Humpty Dumpty Heart", written by members Sonya and Becky and hitmaker Ronnie Bowman, is a playful song with a healing message about not letting heartbreak keep you down. This second single of the multi-GRAMMY nominated and multi-GMA Dove Award winning group comes from their 2021 released The American Face album and has a catchy melody with soaring harmony vocals that capture the listener’s ear all the while reminding us that life is full of disappointments and the choice to stay broken or get back up is ours.

“Most everyone has loved and lost,” says Sonya Isaacs, lead singer of the song, “but too many people let pain and rejection control their lives, forgetting that someone only has power over your future if you give it to them”. Isaacs continues, “Heartbreak can ruin you, so this song is a reminder to get up, wipe the egg off, and keep moving on."

The recent 2022 GRAMMY nomination of Songs For the Times for "Best Roots Gospel Album" is The Isaacs' third consecutive album to be nominated, along with winning nine GMA Dove Awards and multiple Singing News Fan Awards, receiving placement on Dolly Parton's fourth track "Driven" from the Run, Rose, Run album, and becoming inducted members of The Grand Ole Opry. Be sure to tune in to see their performance for this year's GRAMMY Premiere Ceremony!

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