Austin Ludwig Releases 'Unconditional', A Tribute To His Personal Journey

Feb 12 2022

Artist, producer and pastor Austin Ludwig has released an inspirational new single entitled 'Unconditional' as a tribute to his personal spiritual journey.

Inspired by Revelation 21:4, "Unconditional" is a song about worshiping with no strings attached. Ludwig sees the world’s common assertation of feelings as truth as the downfall of society.

“Our feelings do not determine or change the worth of Jesus and the worship He is worthy of,” Ludwig said.

The single urges listeners to offer up their worship, even in the presence of tears and pain, to depend on Jesus on this side of heaven and look forward to what is to come for all of eternity.

The way that I feel doesn't change who you are
So hallelujah unconditional

"Unconditional" is a byproduct of and a tribute to Ludwig’s personal journey. Ludwig survived child abuse, loss and disappointment. Instead of focusing on those aspects of his life, the artist discovered an invitation into worship. In Ludwig’s first foster home, all he had was his beat-up guitar. He learned to play that guitar and sing to God in the midst of his tears and never looked back.

Ludwig hopes this new single is not only an inspiration but a gateway for listeners to look to Jesus no matter what they are going through. He’s excited to finally release it for people to listen and worship whenever they desire.

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