Indie Recording Artist Heather Burwell Releases 'The Flood', An Insight to Grief

Feb 24 2022

Singer/songwriter and independent recording artist, Heather Burwell, announces the scheduled release of her soulful and poetic tune, 'The Flood,' due Friday, March 25, 2022, via all digital outlets and streaming platforms. (Distribution by Ed Gertler/Digital Stream Services.)

Burwell, who is also a model, film and television actress, chaplain and inspirational author, wrote the song following the tragic, unexpected and heartbreaking loss of her spouse. Amidst the mourning process, she turned to her long-time passion, her music, as a therapeutic measure and internal source of healing.

Produced by Kolt Barber and Buddy Hyatt, and featuring performances by Nashville award-winning, A-list musicians, “The Flood” spotlights a simplistic production that leaves wide open space to let raw and emotional lyrics breathe, and showcases Burwell’s unique and expressive vocals. The instrumentation (a combination of piano and acoustic subtleties) translates enlightenment that emerges from darkness.

“This song is extremely personal,” said the Nashville native, Burwell. “It represents the emotional downward spiral of experiencing the unexpected death of a loved one; the desperation and outreach for an understanding and spiritual guidance; and the breath of fresh air that comes with healing. While I wrote the words as an outpour of my rainbow of emotions, I hope this song transcends to help to heal others.

Laid on the ground, raised my hands
Asked the clouds, “do you understand?”
On a dime, He lifted me
The nick of time,
A wellspring

In the water, underneath the water
I asked God for a raindrop
He sent the flood

The sentiment of the track coincides with the purposeful release of Burwell’s second book titled “Grief Doesn’t Do Math” reflecting an intimate introspect and embrace of her own navigation, with an immeasurable timeline and no expiration, and shares mutual insight from those who have endured similar sorrow.

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