Stridd Releases Brand New Single 'Drip of God'

Feb 03 2022

Music maker Stridd's brand new single, 'Drip Of God' was released on Dec 30, 2021. This song was also produced and mixed by producer Stridd who has so far produced all of his earlier songs, as well as instrumentals for other upcoming artists.

'Drip Of God'' was first the title Stridd randomly thought of, which he strongly believes came from the Holy Spirit. It was first meant as an idea for a T-shirt. Then it suddenly became a heavy desire for him to create a song based on God's appearance, image, and anointing of God transpiring and converting into his life. He thought that this theme was so relevant to today's society because of how the slang word "drip" is used to resemble style, fashion, and a sexy look.

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