Christian Rock Band Riddle Me This? Releases 'Bang! Bang!' Single Ahead of Debut Album With Broadhead Music Group

Jan 28 2022

Broadhead Music Group are pleased to announce the signing of Riddle Me This?, an energetic, unique and engaging Christian Rock artist. Arriving with a fresh new radio single, Riddle Me This? released 'Bang! Bang!' on January 28, taken from its anticipated debut album release this Spring/Summer.

The music is heavily influenced by 80's and 90's Punk/Grunge/Pop slamming down and crashing into today's newer Rock for an entirely new and refreshing experience.

"When I first became a Christian, I thought I knew what to expect. I had several misconceptions about the Christian life. The song Bang! Bang! was written after being persecuted, humiliated, and struggling to find my place within the Christian Community", explains David Dixon, the voice behind Riddle Me This?

"I lost nearly all my friends after my conversion to Christianity and was struggling to even fit in with Christians at many different Churches. I was writing music like crazy and I wrote Bang! Bang!", he continues.

"The song tackles the issues of being persecuted, feeling like an outcast when the whole world seems to be against you, including the many “Christians” (Counterfeit, fake ones) whom we are supposed to be accepted by and fit in with. I was Naïve when I first came to Christ and I honestly expected nothing but good experiences within the Church. Even with all the negativity and constant emotional beat downs, one thing was permanently solid; Jesus Christ, Our Heavenly Father. Jesus gave me comfort. He kept pushing me forward, to do what he has called me to do. He kept me standing as the waves crashed against me over and over and over again.

So, the song represents both the negativity and persecution we face from the non-believers as well as other Christians. Whether they are truly saved or not isn’t for me to say. What I do know is that living for Christ isn’t easy and some days are extremely difficult, even painful and emotionally draining. However; if we draw close to Christ, trust in HIM and HIS Word (Read Your Bible!) We will make it through the storms. If Christ be for us, who then can be against us?"

Randall Broadhead and Jeffrey Parr, of Broadhead Music Group, both agreed how excited they are for this new addition to their roster, saying "it's always an honor and a blessing to be able to add such amazing talent to our BMG Family that helps us continue our ministry of spreading God's love through music."

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