Nick Law Announces 'The Whispers and the Rumours of War'

Nov 15 2021

Sheffield singer/songwriter and ex-worship leader, Nick Law, releases first album in over 11 years documenting how leaving the church nearly left him without the faith. 'The Whispers and the Rumours of War' is released on Tiny Salmon Records on 26 Nov 2021, streaming on all major music platforms.

Once upon a time there was an emperor. He foretold to one of his royal subjects - the Bard of the Court - that he would write The Story of the Empire that was being built; in his eyes, a kingdom that would never be shaken, but - in reality - a small, insignificant city burning to the ground.

The Bard himself did not believe he would tell The Story; nor did he believe in the Empire, though he once did. He once loved it. He believed it a force for good on the earth but soon realised that it was even more broken than the world around him.

As time wore on, the Bard grew weary and sick and crawled his way out of the city a broken man. He could no longer stay, though his family and friends lived there. He couldn’t even breathe the air without trembling in fear of his thoughts about the Empire being exposed and feared retribution.

He lay his lute to the ground, curled up in a ball and waited for winter to pass. Seeking death, he questioned everything: the Empire, the Emperor, even life itself. Until one day, he picked up his lute and poured out his grief and steadily grew stronger and - over time - wrote The Story that was foretold he would tell... not exactly the story the Emperor had in mind.

Let he who has ears, let him hear.

A lot has changed for Sheffield singer/songwriter, Nick Law, over the last 5 years. Having spent the best part of the last decade writing and recording church material, Nick has returned to his indie-rock roots to write a telling story about unhealthy cultures and powermongering in churches.

Drawing both from personal experience and from highly publicised failings, such as the rise and fall of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, lyrically and musically The Whispers and The Rumours of War digs deep to the core at the questions, heartache and sense of betrayal that comes from being exiled from the church, leaving former parishioners ‘under the rubble of faith’ or ‘bodies under the bus’.

'The story of deconstruction isn't unfamiliar to many', says Nick, 'but at the time of writing these songs, it wasn't talked about openly and I had to very much walk that journey alone, making sense of how churches could be so damaging to their congregants behind closed doors, yet so loving and inviting from the platform'.

'Yes, these songs are an observation and an honest assessment of the church and power structures that exist within them, but they're more about how they impact individuals who are "bodies under the [church] bus" and how they have to live with the consequences while the church continues to go about building its empire'.

A more honest and true-to-himself sound, Nick’s songs delve into darker emotions through a combination of aggressive guitars, melancholy melodies and complex layers of tender pianos and solid melodies.

'My hope for this record isn't to have millions or streams, world tours or make a name for myself; if I can simply put into words for someone their experience through what I've been through, then I've succeeded as far as I'm concerned'.

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