Multi-Cultural Worship Collective Village Lights Releases New Song 'Promised Land' With Music Video

Oct 10 2021

Running Club Records' multi-cultural worship collective, Village Lights, has released their third new song from the upcoming November debut album. The song, "Promised Land," is available now along with the debut of the music video below. The song is inspired by a Zulu protest song/ South African hymn. The song features the group's Ike Ndolo, and he said the song is a full-circle moment for him as he recalls knowing the hymn when he was younger.

"This is really about moving towards the light and marching towards the promised land despite what was, and despite all the things that you've been through before."

The songwriting process for "Promised Land" took the band on a journey, leading them to the core message that it's okay to acknowledge the struggle, but let's always rejoice! Village Lights unveil a whole new universe of truth and joy, inviting the listener to join in worship with them. Yet again, this song is another example of the band's heart to foster a community of worshippers centered around God’s inviting love, and the international flavor laced inside the new song places inclusivity and reconciliation in the central spot.

Village Lights is comprised of Sarah Kroger, Ike Ndolo and Ricky Vazquez and are based out of Nashville and Arizona. Earlier this year, the band released their debut self-titled EP, which introduced their heartbeat; one of unity, inclusivity and reconciliation wrapped in worshipful devotion. Seeing themselves as more than a band, but rather a movement for those who seek justice in our world and Church.

Village Lights are set to release their debut full-length album in November. This new project promises to offer poignant lyrics, exploratory sonorities blending the band’s multi-ethnicity and fresh poetic approaches to liturgical worship. The forthcoming album is produced by Matt Maher, a longtime mentor to the band. Recently released from the forthcoming project are the songs "Here Is Our Hallelujah" and "Christ Our King." Including "Promised Land," each of the official music videos were captured in the stunning Sedona area.

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