Michael Dean Church Releases New Inspirational Song 'Resonate'

Oct 13 2021

Nashville-based Michael Dean Church is an authentic, grounded singer-songwriter whose soul-affecting lyrics and emotive voice reflect transformative faith and country charisma. Drawing from his roots in small-town West Virginia, as well as musical influences such as TobyMac, Jesus Culture, and Chris Tomlin, Church has developed a unique, earnest sound and is on a mission to spread hope.

An established musician of 17+ years, Church has played venues across greater Nashville. A former outsider to the Christian faith, Church is passionate about writing inclusive lyrics that transcend boundaries and make worship accessible to the masses. His relatable, outgoing personality allows him to uniquely connect with audiences of all sizes and backgrounds, particularly when playing live.

Currently, Church co-leads worship at Gateway Church in Franklin, TN, and is preparing to tour upon the release of his upcoming album. His upcoming project, “Resonate” was produced by Chris Clayton; it implores listeners to dream anew that God can accomplish the miraculous in (and through) their lives. "Resonate" is a song about letting our praise cry out to the nations, and how Jesus is always with us fighting our battles and will be released to the public on October 8th, 2021.

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