Hopeful. Releasing Debut Single 'Enough'

Sep 27 2021

Hopeful. are a new band comprised of indie christian artist's Randy James and Hunter Jackson as well as several of their friends. Their debut single, 'Enough', will be released on October 1st 2021.

"We make music to glorify the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Our mission is to spread His hope to His people, via heartfelt and humble expression", the band explain. "Our ultimate example, Jesus, washed the dirty feet of sinners. He didn’t cast stones."

"'Enough' tells a story of the journey to finding peace and rest in the simple truth that through the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, we find rest. So enough with striving to be accepted by this world!! We're enough because Jesus is enough..."

Hopeful. will be partnering with churches and other ministries to setup regular worship nights, where people are encouraged to come as they are and find rest in Jesus.

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