Jazz Pop Fusion Duo Zoetic Release 'Worth It'

AdvertAug 11 2021

Christian jazz pop fusion duo Zoetic released their new single 'Worth It' on Friday, August 6th. Zoetic is the project of multi-instrumentalist Kierstyn St. John and vocalist Emma Voron. They infuse modern pop music with jazz harmonies and their lyrics help others to think more deeply about their faith.

"I wrote 'Worth It' when my singer, Emma, decided to quit her job in order to pursue music with me full time" explains Kierstyn. "We both felt that we needed to obey the Lord and His calling even if it meant financial instability. Since then, God has continually provided for our needs in amazing ways, and "Worth It" has been a testament to the truth that when we are obedient to the Lord's calling, He will supply all of our needs in Christ Jesus."

The music is keyboard-based jazz fusion with some progressive influences - songs that are complex yet accessible to the average listener. Kierstyn and Emma have been long been dissatisfied with the lack of musical variety and compositional craft in modern Christian music, and aim to change the current CCM landscape through music which is innovative in harmony, songwriting, and production.

They also aren't afraid to approach difficult or even controversial topics in their lyrics and have written songs about false gospels, about the need for evangelism, about mental health, and other current important cultural issues of today all from a Biblical perspective. Zoetic, in essence, makes people think deeply about their faith through music and lyrics that push the boundaries of the Christian music industry as we know it.

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