Ambient / Cinematic Artist Be Still the Earth Releasing 'Liminal' Album

Jul 06 2021

'Liminal' is the new album from ambient artist Be Still the Earth (Marshall Usinger).

With his intention to write ambient and cinematic soundscapes for contemplation and encouragement, and with a background of composing music for film and TV, Usinger’s music has been featured on the Discovery Channel, ABC, NBC, and the History Channel. Speaking about the inspiration behind his new album, he explains that “the visual concepts of thin places and transitional states” were integral to the formation of the music. Working with texture as much as melodic ideas, Liminal tells a story of “what it feels like to be comfortably uncertain, to give in to our doubt and curiosity, and exploring seasons of life that might not make sense in the moment.”

“Simple piano melodies and textured ambient pads were the building blocks of each composition. I did not want to limit myself to one particular sound or set of tools, but instead felt free in the moment to explore sounds, textures, and rhythms that were speaking to me as they came. I found myself following the ebb and flow of each track, and as they started developing it was like a stream of consciousness as they came together; each one striking me emotionally in a new and exciting way.”
- Marshall Usinger, Be Still the Earth

Liminal is a transitional state: something that once was one thing and is not yet the next. Through this album, Be Still the Earth invites the listener, both musically and emotionally, to a place of meditation, inspiration, and contemplation.

Liminal will be released on Echoes Blue Music (Salt of the Sound, Dear Gravity, Antarctic Wastelands), and will be available on all digital platforms on 16th July 2021.

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