Rikki Doolan's Latest Gospel Rock n Roll Song Amazingly Inspired by Jewish Praise Tradition

May 10 2021

Gospel Rock n Roll artist Rikki Doolan is following up his release of 'Just One Touch From the King' with a summer Rock n Roll dance track, titled 'Unchained', he says is “sure to make people move and glorify God!”

According to Doolan the song has an ‘infectious beat’, and ‘catchy chorus’, and gives God glory for the depth of His gift of grace. Doolan is a worship leader and pastor at Spirit Embassy church in London, and this song will be the second release of Doolan’s this year and the last before his Album release later this year. The song has a catchy chorus of Na, Na, Na, but Doolan says it has a deep origin as he explains;

“God gave me that chorus direct to my spirit during a church service in London in 2018. There was a video clip being played at the time of the Jewish Hallel, where hundreds of Jewish people were praising God with all that is in them at the wailing wall in Israel. They were carrying out Hallel which is a Jewish prayer, a recitation from Psalms 113-118 which is a recited act of praise and thanksgiving. The Jewish people say they are the same Psalms that Paul and Silas were singing when God freed them from prison with a miraculous earthquake. When I witnessed this the Holy Spirit convicted me on the spot that this was a chorus for me, and I messaged my producer there and then.”

The song has a poetic construction celebrating the power of the grace of God in freeing Christians from the shackles of sin. Doolan said “The music video attempts to echo the spirit of the song, and the nature of the song, the freedom gifted to us by Christ, and has an ending that people need to see. I am overjoyed that in this season that God has afforded me the Grace to be worshipping and praising Him through Gospel Rock n Roll music. This is such an important time in Christianity right across the globe, we are literally in the centre of a revival. We use Music just like in the biblical days to lead the army of Christ as we look to fulfil the commandment of Jesus and introduce Christ to those that have no relationship with Him. I am honoured to be a part of this move and know that the best is yet to come!”

The single and music video will be out on May 14th and Rikki Doolan’s debut album ‘God of Colours’ is set to be released shortly after in late June/early July. Restrictions permitting, Doolan is also planning to be fronting a number of worship events this year, in the UK and abroad and has brand new singles and videos that will be released through the year.

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