Interview: myfi

Jan 20 2021

Up and coming Australian band myfi are back with their new Christian single 'Shame'. Louder Than The Music caught up with Guyeol and James again to find out the latest on their music and what inspires it.

You've just released a new single called Shame, which isn't a subject often talked about in Christian music. Tell us a bit about the song and why you decided to write it?

This song was written in hopes of sharing our journey of being a Christian in a time where shame is affecting our generation more than ever before.

We want to share an encouragement and perspective that never fails to bring us comfort and peace when encountering hard and difficult times. A truth that brings us closer to Christ, teaches us to learn, understand, grow, and free our minds from the shackles of shame and sin.

How does this song differ from your debut single '5D' last year?

The difference would be the concept/message of the song, and structure. We’ve been working on producing music for other artists in-between our releases, which we hope is recognisable through the improvement in sound production for our latest release.

What doesn’t differ from our debut single and new release would be our use of synthesisers with band instruments.

As multi-instrumentalists, talk us through what instruments you play, and if you had to learn a new instrument, what would you choose?

We both play the piano, drums, guitar, bass, and we love playing any type of percussive instruments. Our jam sessions usually consist of James on vocals whilst playing guitar, and myself (Guyeol) playing the synth.

Instruments we want to learn, Guyeol: Clarinet, James: Saxophone.

Do you have plans to release any more music this year, when can we expect to hear from you again?

We’re currently in the works of producing an EP for myfi, titled ‘Blueprints’. This will be released later this year.

In your previous interview with us, you explained how you both have roots in Korea, do you think that influences your music at all?

We don’t really think it affects us consciously when writing or producing music, but we do believe it may influence our music at a subconscious level.

Your home country of Australia, like much of the world, has seen lockdowns due to the covid pandemic - how are you guys coping through this difficult time?

We’re lucky we’re on a massive Island, so it hasn’t affected us severely as other countries, and we are blessed for this. We’ve been trying to make use of this time to focus more on developing our craft, and building each other up through Christ.

Any top tips for staying positive and surviving the pandemic?

Wear a mask. Expressing creativity helps us stay positive.

Aside from your own music, what have you both been listening to lately?

We’ve been listening to a wide variety of artists lately that include The Kinks, Gentle Dom, Psymon Spine, Yaeji, Gorillaz, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and Todd Terje.

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