Amongst Wolves Addresses The Issue of Suicide With 'Voices' Single

Jan 11 2021

Manchester (UK) based pop/rock band Amongst Wolves release their newest single 'Voices' on all platforms on January 15th 2021. Known as a band for using their music and social media to address the topic of mental health and bring hope, this latest release directly addresses the issue of suicide.

In response to the increasing struggles of mental health issues and suicidal thoughts, this song is a raw and aggressive declaration of truth, in spite of the circumstances that face us. It explicitly counters current songs that seem to romanticise the idea of taking your life, making it seem like it’s the only option when struggling. The band use their Christian faith to express hope and life through Jesus. This is clearly shown in lyrics such as ‘there is nothing romantic about suicide’ and ‘you made a way to get out of this hole’.

Using an alternative style, this rich and passionate song is instantly memorable. The dynamic and gritty vocal performances are perfectly accompanied by atmospheric guitars and explosive drums to allow the deeply emotional and honest lyrics to resonate and empower the listener.

As well as the song release, they are starting a social media campaign called #ChooseToLive from their Instagram and YouTube channel, in order to raise awareness of suicide and encourage people to help save a life.

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