Abraham Geovanni Releases 'Perfect Harmony' Single & Video

AdvertOct 24 2020

Abraham Geovanni returns rawer, realer and more cinematic than ever with his new music video 'Perfect Harmony'. Hailing from South Norwalk, CT, the locally acclaimed rapper combines the relaxed flow of the west coast with the hard hitting lyricism of east coast rap to create bouncy, yet emotionally powerful tracks.

His newest record, 'Perfect Harmony', builds on this formula while taking a sharp and refreshingly melancholic turn. The track blends some of his most heartfelt lyrics and singing to date with a very contemporary and downtempo trap beat which is sure to put any listener deep into their feels. Combine this with a simple, yet stunning visual, shot by cinematographer and long time collaborator Michael J. Kelly, and the viewer is immediately transported to a place of serenity and peace.

There is much to come from Abraham Geovanni, who in the past has counseled with Kanye West at the 1st ever Golf Wang Fashion Show, directed photoshoots for Fairfax branding giant Adam Derry, and executively produced sets for Holly Baby (NLE Collaborator & 6ix9ine Old Flame) in addition to developing the brands for many influencers.

'Perfect Harmony' feels like the beginning of a new chapter for this amazing artist and is sure to captivate a new wave of listeners into his following.

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