Lap Child Releases New Singles 'The Plan' & 'The Betrothed'

Oct 14 2020

Female Christian Music artist Lap Child, who produces provocative, soul-inspiring songs, has released two new singles, 'The Plan' and 'The Betrothed', ahead of her new album. Her CCM music has also been compared to Fleetwood Mac, Amy Lee and Jewel. 'The Plan' is the soul-lifting title track from her forthcoming album, and the first official release by the inspirational recording artist Lap Child. Second single 'The Betrothed' is a hauntingly beautiful atmospheric song that brings you into the presence of God.

"Over two years ago I tried to release this LP, The Plan, but I kept hitting walls", explains Lap Child. "One of those walls revolved around mixing and mastering it and I was endlessly waiting for individuals who promised to help me. And time kept passing.

The title track off the LP, The Plan, happened to be the last song I wrote on the album. It’s inspirational and soul-lifting. So much so that as soon as I took a seat at my keyboard and chose the key and the chord progression, I knew it was going to be the most telling song on the LP. So I named the LP after it. It turns out that the timing of this song couldn’t have been better. God had a plan for me. And He has one for you, too!

This album is about trusting in God through the good and the bad and raising our hands and our voices in praise through all situations. And trusting God’s timing. As I said before, God’s plan, after all, is good for us. It would be. He loves us. His anger lasts only a moment while His mercies are new every morning. Rejoice with me today!"

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