Charles Grace Releases Debut Album 'The Wreckage'

Sep 28 2020

Charles Grace, a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist based out of Orange County, California, has released his debut album 'The Wreckage'.

"The Wreckage is the turning point, not only on the album but in my personal journey as well", admits Charles. "The overall themes of this album revolve around personal value, identity, and worth. The Wreckage is the place where my ideas of those things were deconstructed and redefined in some real, soul-shaking ways. It is the messy, beautiful process of dying to the false perceptions and finding the true self through my faith in Jesus."

Most of his life and career were spent on the east coast where he called South Carolina home. During that time, Grace studied classical guitar and Spanish at CCU and toured the Southeast.

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