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I have to put my hands up: I like worshipping. I have to put my hands up: I've sung a few of these songs already. I have to put my hands up: I was in the crowd for this live recording as I'd never been to one before. I have to put my hands up: this collection of songs makes me put my hands up.

Starting with title track: this is about the big getting bigger. "For now we see in part, this is just the beginning" Rudy Cullen and Simon Benn confidently declare. And...
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Kingsgate - Faithful
Feb 19 2014

Kingsgate - Faithful

At the start of December 2013 Kingsgate released their new album Faithful. Last year Kingsgate celebrated its 25th year, so the album is in part to mark that occasion. The album was recorded on a night of worship in late July.…

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