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An EP recorded by British band The Joy Brigade is released today, more than 10 years after it was recorded. The previously unreleased four-track 'Counting Days' EP was recorded straight to 2 inch tape at ICC Studios in Eastbourne late one night in 2002, and is now available to download from iTunes.

Formed in 2001, The Joy Brigade consisted of ex Split Level frontman Adrian Thompson (now A&R Manager at Kingsway) on vocals and guitar, recording engineer and producer Trevor Michael (Phatfish, Trent) on guitar and backing vocals, well known UK session musicians Mark Prentice (Worship Central, Tom & Olly) on...
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The Joy Brigade - Counting Days
Mar 26 2012

The Joy Brigade - Counting Days

If you're a fan of hidden treasure or the underground music scene, well it doesn't get much more hidden or underground than The Joy Brigade. Formed by lead singer Adrian Thompson back in 2001 shortly after his band, the legendary…

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