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Louder Than The Music have had honour and the great oppertunity to speak to Tim Alford one of the band members of the great British band [dweeb]. Hopefully you will find out some interesting information about the band, so take a seat, sit back and relax and learn more about this amazing band .........

1. How did The band members all meet?
We met at Nexus, a music a bible college in Coventry. We got together thinking that [dweeb] would only be a bit of fun for the time we were studying - but it's five years later and we're still...
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[dweeb]'s Tim Alford - Guest Blog
May 25 2011

[dweeb]'s Tim Alford - Guest Blog

Louder Than The Music brings you a guest blog from [dweeb] frontman Tim Alford, who gives us his thoughts on the band's final single 'My New Hero' and what it means to him and the band. Tim also tells us about the sad news of the…


Final Show Announced For [dweeb]
Jun 23 2011

Final Show Announced For [dweeb]

British band [dweeb] have announced details for their final ever show. The band revealed earlier this year that after nearly nine years of touring and recording they would be coming to an end. The final show will take place at…


[dweeb] - My New Hero
May 23 2011

[dweeb] - My New Hero

I feel a real sense of sadness while writing this, after nine years [dweeb] have announced they will be coming to an end in September. Before they finish they have decided to release one last single and do a massive tour named…


[dweeb] - It's OK
Aug 31 2010

[dweeb] - It's OK

This is the video for the new single "It's Ok" by Dweeb which was released this week. Sit back and enjoy this amazing new video and then go and download the single from your favourite digital store!

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