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After a three-year departure, Audio Adrenaline lead singer Mark Stuart and bassist Will McGinniss return as the Know Hope Collective, a ground-breaking initiative that combines worship music with stories of hope and inspiration. The new group will release their debut album 'Know Hope' on 15th February 2011.

'Know Hope' introduces new songs such as 'Attention' and 'Jealous God' plus reworkings of some classic Audio Adrenaline hits like 'Ocean Floor', 'The Good Life' and 'Hands and Feet'. The Know Hope Collective will be an ever changing group of musicians from a variety of backgrounds who come together to create worship music and...
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Know Hope Collective - Know Hope Collective
Mar 18 2011

Know Hope Collective - Know Hope Collective

I was always told by my mother, never judge a book by its cover. A very profound saying that I'm sure you have all heard before. But in the instance of this album and band, never make a judgment about how an album is going to…

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