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Award-winning songwriter and screenwriter Chris Sligh has released his new album 'A Modern Liturgy', following his successful 2016 release 'Mighty Roar / Healing Flood'.

Chris left the music world, and a major label record deal, back in 2011, after his daughter was born and he felt "called back to full-time church ministry". He spent six and a half years working for three churches across America, working his way into being the creative lead for two of the top 100 larges churches in America, culminating with his last job as creative director for a church of 8000 outside Chicago.

Chris wrote the #1...
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Chris Sligh - The Anatomy Of Broken
Oct 19 2010

Chris Sligh - The Anatomy Of Broken

Former American Idol contestant Chris Sligh's latest offering The Anatomy of Broken is a conceptual look at the damage we have in our lives, what it feels like to be broken, and how we can heal. Chris says on his project "I'm not…

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