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The second album from Christian hip-hop and rap artist Sho Baraka, 'Lions and Liars' will be released outside of North America for the first time on 21st June. Sho's album was originally released in the USA and Canada through Reach Records in March 2010, and has now been picked up by Kingsway Music for international distribution.

Sho Baraka released his debut album 'Turn My Life Up' in November 2007. Born in Canada, but raised in California, communicating a message as an artist has always been a part of who Sho is. Introduced to Hip Hop at a young age, he grew...
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Sho Baraka - Lions and Liars
Jul 07 2010

Sho Baraka - Lions and Liars

Lions and Liars is the second album from Christian Hip Hop and Rap artist Sho Baraka, this album was originally released in America and Canada in March, but the album has now had an international release after massive success on…

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