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A three night rap and hip-hop event called 'GL Live VII - Legacy' will be taking place around the UK during June, featuring talented American rappers Trip Lee, Tedashi and DJ Official, plus the UK's Triple O, Forever Christ, Sharon Rose, Breaker, S.O. and Inkrease.

'GL Live' takes place at Nottingham's Springs Of Life Centre on Thursday 17th June, The Drum in Birmingham on Friday 18th June and Black Grape in London on Saturday 19th June. The events combine amazing music and ministry rolled into one.

"GL Live returns with the seventh event in the series and now it’s all about Legacy",...
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Trip Lee - Between Two Worlds
Jul 27 2010

Trip Lee - Between Two Worlds

Between Two Worlds is the third studio album from the amazing Trip Lee. For those who don't know who Trip Lee is, here is a little history lesson. Trip Lee had always been into rap music during his whole life, he would pen his…

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