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sixstepsrecords/Capitol CMG's Passion has released their newest song, "I've Witnessed It," which debuted at Passion Conference last month. For more than two decades, Passion has continued to unite students in worship, prayer and justice, gathering a generation ignited for the fame and renown of Jesus. Led by Passion's Melodie Malone, the song connected immediately with more than 30,000 students in attendance across two events over the New Year holiday.

“We don’t often use the word 'witness' in our everyday vernacular, and it is my hope that we reinstate a bit...
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Featured Album: Passion - Salvation's Tide Is Rising
Feb 11 2016

Featured Album: Passion - Salvation's Tide Is Rising

In the next in our series of featured albums, we look at the latest release from Passion, titled 'Salvation's Tide Is Rising'. The new album from the Passion Movement, 'Salvation's Tide Is Rising', was released on 29th…

Featured Album

Passion - Burn Bright
Feb 24 2022

Passion - Burn Bright

Our Featured Album of the week is Passion's 'Burn Bright' Live From Passion 2022.Title:Burn BrightArtist:PassionReleased:18 Feb 2022



Passion - Burn Bright EP
Jan 10 2022

Passion - Burn Bright EP

Passion have just dropped their new studio project "Burn Bright" with songs they have been singing together at #Passion2022. The band pray that these songs would "awaken the calling in your life to shine the light of Jesus…


Passion - Jireh
Aug 06 2022

Passion - Jireh

Official live video for 'Jireh' by Passion and Maverick City Music, Live From Passion 2022, Atlanta, GA/2022, from the album 'Burn Bright'.

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