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Friday the 25th March saw the debut album release from GATLofficial, 'Trust + Pray'. This comes after three consistent single releases since the 25th December 2021.

This is a Lo-Fi album/instrumental album, inspired by popular worship songs, hymns and self written songs. The album features Tolu Oloyede who sang and played bass on ‘Trust Without Borders’ which was released as a single in February 2022. The album also sees Isaac K. Busari (GALT’s in-house illustrator/designer), adding his smooth vocals to the Lo-fi rendition of ‘Prayer Of A Broken Heart’ which he...
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GATLofficial Releases 'Build My Trust'
Feb 09 2022

GATLofficial Releases 'Build My Trust'

Friday 28th January sees the second release from GATLofficial, 'Build My Trust'. This comes after their debut single 'Mary Did You Know?' released on 25th December 2021. This is another Lo-Fi rendition, inspired by the popular…

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